Friday, December 19, 2008

Koinonia Christmas Party - and Farewells...

Well, today was the last day of our internship. Koinonia celebrated with a big Community Christmas party and all the interns were recognized for their service over the past 3 months. There were many emotional farewells with our new friends and suddenly Koinonia is now a fascinating set of memories.

Krista was singled out for an intern award - even though she officially was not an intern for this term. Her special recognition was for starting a daily aerobic work-out class at Koinonia that will continue in her absence. She will definitely be missed.

It took much longer than expected to pack and move our trailer over to storage at Sunny acres. Even longer to get out of Americus and onto the highway. Tonight we are in Forsyth Georgia. Tomorrow perhaps it will be Independence Missouri - provided all goes well.

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