Friday, June 15, 2012

An Open Letter to Elizabeth May on Bill C-38

Dear Elizabeth May,

I have followed the progress of the draconian bill C-38 with it's attacks on First Nations, the environment, national parks and Canada's most vulnerable with interest and horror over these past months. You have done a tremendous service in bringing this bill and it's contents to the attention of the Canadian public and I want to send you my most sincere appreciation for your incredible efforts.

I have been appalled to observe the way that PM Harper and Finance Minister Flaherty have used deception and manipulation to push this brutal agenda onto the Canadian people. As I watched their performance in the house of Commons and in media interviews over the past few days, I am hopeful that even the 40% of Canadian voters who supported them will now realize the true nature of these sad and power hungry men.

While this Conservatives have clearly won a victory in passing this bill, I believe they have fundamentally damaged Canada, which has been a nation built on a great compromise. They will have their legacy and you will have yours.

Thanks again Elizabeth for all your have done in your efforts to preserve this once great nation.


Keith Hirsche
1161 Chapman Road,
Cobble Hill, BC
V0R 1L7

PS. I heard Mr. Flaherty comment to the media that he has not received a single letter from a Canadian citizen who opposes bill C-38. I have copied him on this email so he can have one more letter from a Canadian citizen to deny and ignore.

cc: PM Stephen Harper
Finance Minister Joe Flaherty
MP Jean Crowder

Harper Big Win - and the end of the Canadian illusion

To raucous applause and chest-thumping cheers, PM Harper wins the day and forces his 400+ omnibus "budget" bill through the house without a single amendment. Harper's Conservatives have clearly won a major victory in parliament - Congratulations!

For the 60% of Canadians who voted against Harper in the 2011 election, this arrogant, bullying approach to re-shape Canada in Harper's image shatters the illusion of the polite, gentle country that we used to call our "home and native land".

Finally many of us are beginning to see through all the hypocrisy and we are waking up to the colonization experiment that Canada has always been. People of First Nation's heritage have mostly been free of illusion as they have suffered directly under the abuse of power that our system calls justice. Now hopefully we can stand with them to oppose this failed experiment in Colonial Statehood before Mother Earth tells us that it is too late.

For complete coverage of the day in parliament with all the gritty details., check here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Elizabeth May leads commendable effort to halt Tory omnibus juggernaut | Full Comment | National Post

 "It has become accepted wisdom that Conservative treatment of the legislative process is often high-handed and abusive, has contributed to public cynicism and borders on a threat to the democratic process itself."

And this article comes from the National Post.....

Elizabeth May leads commendable effort to halt Tory omnibus juggernaut | Full Comment | National Post

Gitxsan Media revealing the Enbridge Spin in the Mainstream media

 Media shapes our perception of reality and events from the local to national scale. A great example comes from my friends in the Gitxsan Unity Movement. After six months of legal battles, a blockade and incredible personal sacrifice, the Gitxsan people forced an audit of the Gitxsan Treaty Society and the resignation of its' leaders who had made an illegal agreement with Enbridge. Now as the news gets out, Enbridge has done everything possible to spin the story in their favour. Please read the real story here:

Hazelton Daily: Articles

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Enbridge Northern Gateway: Seen the ad? Want the truth?

Enbridge is spending millions of dollars on an ad campaign to make their pipeline look appealing to Canadians by concealing the truth about ther project.

Here is a different take that uses their same format to tell the side of the story that they would rather you didn't hear about.

Too bad Enbridge has all the big money to buy airtime on TV.

The Hope and Fear of our transitional times - an analysis by Chris Hedges

 I have become a big fan of Chris Hedges lately. He is a powerful writer who has called our society and the Christian churches to account on several occasions. He has also witnessed the disintegration of civil society in countries that disintegrated into violent civil war and this column brings an important message for our time.

Chris Hedges: Northern Light - Chris Hedges' Columns - Truthdig

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mulcair, Oilsands, Dutch disease - Politics and the Media

This has been an interesting week in the propaganda war surrounding the development of Alberta's tarsands. The latest round began with Thomas Mulcair, the new NDP leader, pointing out that the high value of Canada's dollar - primarily due to oil exports - is highly damaging to the manufacturing industry and he compared this to "Dutch disease" (the economic impact of Holland's gas exports on the rest of it's economy in the 1970s). His comments were immediately condemned by Alberta Premier Alison Redford who stated that Mulcair was engaging in divisive politics and suggested that he was ill informed about the oilsands. She went further to indicate that he should not be allowed to comment until he took the time to visit Alberta and see the development for himself.

In the wake of this war of words, Alberta's Pembina institute released a report containing economic analysis which largely supported Mulcair's claims. In turn, Ethical Oil launched an attack on Mulcair which condemned him for not seeing the difference between Canada and Nigeria. This was met with a response by Christoper Majka which analyzed the economics and politics of the various positions.

Alberta's oilsands development has obviously become a very heated topic and there are billions of dollars and thousands of jobs in the balance - not to mention the environmental impacts. No matter what your current position on this issue, I would ask that you look at these links and ask yourself the following questions.

Does the story contain factual analysis or simply opinion?

Are the statements designed to convey information or trigger emotional response?

What are the motives behind the statements? Who wins and who loses?

Also consider that Mr. Mulcair has followed through and made a visit to Fort MacMurray. Unfortunately, Premier Redford was not there to meet him - as she was committed to attend a meeting of the Bilderberg group instead.

And finally, it might be worth mentioning that the Alberta Government's 2012 budget documents confirm that the manufacturing sector has been seriously challenged by the high value of the Canadian dollar - which clearly confirms Mulcair's earlier statements.

Since everyone clearly agrees, what is all the fighting about?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gitxsan Crisis Update May 14th - Afternoon - Please share!!

The GTS (Gitxsan Treaty Society) - and a small minority of Gitxsan chiefs (3/30) are siding with Enbridge and using the Canadian courts to overturn the will of the majority of the Gitxsan nation. Warrants were issued today to arrest key leaders of the Gitxsan Unity movement and the results are recorded here in this inspiring example of non-violent peaceful resistance. 
It is clear that the Gitxsan people - who have never ceded their territory to the Canadian government- are resisting this pipeline development. Unfortunately, the media is not covering this story because it goes against the corporate interests that are so clearly backed by the Harper Government. The best defense that the Gitxsan have is a well-informed public because if/when the government resorts to violence to achieve Enbridge's agenda their actions will be clearly exposed.
Please share this widely.
Gitxsan Crisis Update May 14th - Afternoon - YouTube