Friday, June 15, 2012

Harper Big Win - and the end of the Canadian illusion

To raucous applause and chest-thumping cheers, PM Harper wins the day and forces his 400+ omnibus "budget" bill through the house without a single amendment. Harper's Conservatives have clearly won a major victory in parliament - Congratulations!

For the 60% of Canadians who voted against Harper in the 2011 election, this arrogant, bullying approach to re-shape Canada in Harper's image shatters the illusion of the polite, gentle country that we used to call our "home and native land".

Finally many of us are beginning to see through all the hypocrisy and we are waking up to the colonization experiment that Canada has always been. People of First Nation's heritage have mostly been free of illusion as they have suffered directly under the abuse of power that our system calls justice. Now hopefully we can stand with them to oppose this failed experiment in Colonial Statehood before Mother Earth tells us that it is too late.

For complete coverage of the day in parliament with all the gritty details., check here.

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