Monday, January 5, 2009

Where are we now - Part II

Ok - sorry to leave things so unsettled and uncertain. The trip to Vancouver Island went very well. There was plenty of snow in the mountains - and much of it was very unstable. Nevertheless, we made the drive from Calgary to Salmon Arm (or Salmon Fin, as Jan correctly observes) without much problem. Only a short delay near Revelstoke where the park rangers used artillery cannons to fire shells at the mountain and force a premature avalanche. Once the snow was cleared, we could proceed with our journey.

From Salmon Arm, we had to traverse the high elevations of the Coquihalla pass on our way to the Pacific Coast. Fortunately we had good weather, and we arrived in the city of Vancouver on the afternoon of January 2. Vancouver was another story, as the city was struggling under the effects of a record snow fall. Fortunately, our 4X4 truck was able to navigate the narrow, snow drifted streets until we were able to drop Trevor at his apartment near the University. Then we made our way to the ferry terminal and arrived about 830 PM to catch the final crossing at 9:00.We arrived on Vancouver Island about 10:30 PM and drove to our friend’s home in Shawnigan Lake - arriving around 11:30. By midnight we were fast asleep.

On Saturday morning, January 3, we arrived at our new house on Chapman Road in Cobble Hill. We couldn’t have imagined the scene that greeted us - the Island had experienced nearly record amounts of snowfall. Once inside the house, we found that our shipment had arrived and it took a great deal of effort and imagination to extract everything from the back bedrooms and move it to a more appropriate location in the house.

After several days of effort, we are beginning to feel like we are finally home!

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