Sunday, August 2, 2009

Feasting from the Garden

We visited the eco-village on Thursday and Kailee gave us a wonderful complement. She was chatting with her team-mates from the garden crew and she told them that we have a small garden, but it's so full that it's like a jungle. It is a pretty accurate description.

Not only are we over-run with vines and leaves from all the squash, zuchinni, cukes, peas, beans and tomatoes, - the garden is actually producing food at an amazing rate. We had our first ripe tomatoes about a week ago. Now we are harvesting about 12 ripe tomatoes a day. Zuchinni, cukes and squash seem to appear out of no-where in the oddest places. Peas and salad greens are always in need of harvesting.

Our last 3 meals have been directly from the garden. Squash, beets, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes and zuchinni in various combinations and recipes.

We are truly enjoying the benefits of the 100 meter diet.

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