Thursday, December 3, 2009

CO2 Emissions - Porter-Hirsche's from 2001 to 2009

After calculating energy use, I decided to work through CO2 emissions for our family. I will update both of these posts with some details in the coming days. Just a couple of lines of reality check here.

First, it is much easier to heat a small house in Victoria (average temperature ~10 degrees C) than a very big house near Calgary (average temperature around ~4 degrees C). It is also wonderful to live in BC where electricity is generated using carbon-free sources (hydro) instead of Alberta which uses coal for about 90% of power generation. However, this same level of improvement can be made for Albertans by using Bullfrog Power to insure that your electricity comes from renewable sources.

Lastly, while we have finally dropped below the Canadian average of 5 tons CO2/person/year (as published by the government - more on this later), we are not done yet. Ongoing improvement to our house and much less driving (not driving to Georgia and coming back with a trailer) is planned for the coming year!

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