Monday, March 28, 2011

Mormon Polygamy on Trial: Live streaming of the BC polyamy trials

If you would like to monitor the courtroom live - please follow this link. Player


Anonymous said...

Here is a question to ask Prim Minister Harper:
Saskatchewan has legislation that allows married people to take common law spouses while married to others, yet does not allow married people to take civilly married spouses at the same time. How is this equal treatment under the law for all Canadians?

Anonymous said...

It is not fair that only Saskatchewan residents get to have multiple spouses and not the rest of Canada.
Agreed, in Saskatchewan, married spouses can also have sametime common law marriage spouses. They just can’t have sametime civil marriage spouses.
Why the discrimination based on marital status?

saskatchewan Queens bench justices have purported to make legally binding and authorative multiple spousal law forced upon its people.
Essential element is the “guise of marriage” or purporting to be binding
Who should go to jail now?