Sunday, April 10, 2011

To dream the possible dream - Real change could bring the prospects for hope

Most days I seem to be mired in doom and gloom as I see the predictable and completely avoidable rise of oil prices and the slightly more subtle hints that the second round of the 2008 economic collapse is lurking just around the corner. It saddens me terribly to witness how the Great Recession did nothing more than speed the consolidation of wealth into the hands of the privileged few at the expense of the dwindling middle class and the rest of the huddled masses. Tired of rhetoric about how organized labour is destroying the economy, the Green movement is a plot to steal your money, take your job and ruin the economy and how the government can't afford to pay for health care or any basic services, I can get pretty depressed.

Nevertheless, deep-down, I believe that there is another way. I truly believe that humankind can live on this planet with some semblance of compassion, justice, and peace - including our relationship with the natural world. That's why articles like this one excite me. It not only confirms my hope, but it provides details about another way to live and exist.

This is the first step in any real change. We must be able to see some vision of the road ahead - we can't move from our present course unless we have some hint of what the alternatives might look like.

It's only impossible if we think it is.

Or as Jesus said - "the Kingdom of Heaven is within you" and "Change your way of thinking - the Kingdom of Heaven is near" .

And If We Were to Change ... Everything | Truthout

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