Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The CONservative CON game.

The Republican party in the USA have been pioneering research into ways to persuade people to vote for them - even when it goes against their own self interest. After years of research, they have determined that the best way to get your vote is to bombard you with images that affect you on an emotional level, rather than at an intellectual level. The Harper Conservatives and their allies have adopted these same techniques and are using them successfully to promote their political fortunes. Now Ezra Levant is using this same technique - probably with government support - to convince you that the out-of-control tar sands exploitation is actually a good thing.

The only way to counter this type of psychological con-game is to understand the way it is being played. This website, created by tanker free BC exposes Levant for the Con-man that he truly is.

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