Friday, January 6, 2012

An open letter to PM Harper about the Enbridge pipeline

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

I am very discouraged by your unreasonable and poorly informed support for the Enbridge pipeline.

If your government really cared about Canadians, you would support a pipeline from Alberta to Ontario. This would remove Eastern Canada's dependence on imported oil, create Canadian refining jobs in either Alberta or Ontario, retain more economic value from the bitumen and remove the danger of destroying BC's coastal waters.

The Enbridge pipeline is very bad policy for Canadians. It is bad for Canada's energy security, economy and environment and it unfairly benefits Albertans, who get the vast majority of the reward at the expense of BC and First Nation communities who take all the risk.

I have written several letters on this topic in the past which details each of these contentions and you refuse to answer these concerns.

I am deeply disappointed in your lack of concern for the well being of the vast majority of Canadians.


Keith Hirsche
1161 Chapman Rd.
Cobble Hill, BC

Harper warns pipeline hearings could be 'hijacked' - Business - CBC News

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