Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In the Beginning

We had wonderful careers in the oil and gas industry, a very nice - and way too big - house, family, friends and a supportive church community. In spite of all of this, we felt something lacking. Increasingly we felt that our lifestyle wasn’t authentic. As Jan put it, “we didn’t believe what we were living and we wanted to live what we believed”. In addition to this, we felt a creeping uneasiness that this comfortable lifestyle was not sustainable in light of peak oil predictions and it could quickly come to an end - perhaps on a much bigger scale than for just our family.

We were caught between a yearning for a new, richer life and a profound fear of the impending consequences of a collision between our materialistic, consumer culture and the earth’s limited natural resources. So we decided to try a radical experiment. We sold our house and property, quit our jobs and have committed a year to experience life in intentional communities that focus on a simpler, more sustainable and spiritual life.

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