Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just another day at Koinonia

Continued Sept 30.

Well - once again the writing was interrupted. Community life can be very busy and full of life. That can make it difficult to take the time to focus and write. I had taken the laptop to Clarence Jordan’s writing shack - a place of refuge out in the middle of the pecan orchards that Clarence built so he had a place to get-away from all the activity of Community life. This is the place where he worked on his Cotton Patch New Testament translations - which accurately brought Jesus and his story to 1950s Georgia - and his other famous writings.

While I was typing away the door flew open and an elderly gentleman walked in. Turns out that he is a professor of New Testament at Mercer college, specializing in the Sermon on the Mount and the Parables of Jesus. He had heard Clarence speak at the college back when he was a young undergraduate in the 1960s. Clarence made quite an impression on him, and to this day he uses Clarence’s book on the Sermon on the mount, the Cotton Patch Translation together with the works of Deitrich Bonnhoffer to clarify the Gospel message for his students. I stopped typing and took him to Picnic Hill where we could visit Clarence and Florence’s resting place and contemplate what God had done through the efforts of these amazing people.

and That was just another typical day at Koinonia.

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