Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pecan Harvest?

Now the days are turning colder here, and Koinonia has seen the first of the Fall rains. Norris Harris, our chaplain and resident pecan expert, led us in a Harvest song at chapel yesterday morning and he left us with the prediction that the pecans would fall with the rain. Pecans are still the life blood of Koinonia - and we are still shipping the nuts out of Georgia - repeating a cycle begun by Clarence more than 50 years ago. The bakery operation is in full swing, the pecan processing plant is almost clean, and the machinery is serviced and ready to go. Tomorrow we may be rushing headlong into the business of the harvesting, sorting, cracking, cleaning, baking, smoking, selling and shipping pecans. Tomorrow the whole cycle could begin anew.

But for today, we simply enjoy the beauty of the pecan orchards and experience the peace of that same Spirit that led Clarence Jordan to invest his life in this place.

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