Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oct 3 - 5: Peace Awards and Signal Communities

Almost three weeks after the event, writing this blog entry still causes me to struggle deeply. On one hand, the Community of Christ’s fifteenth annual Peace Colloquy could not have been better. The theme of the conference was “Signal Communities: Hope of Zion”. According to Steve Veazey, president of the Community of Christ; “Signal communities ... reveal a way of living that is a glimpse, demonstration, foothold, or foretaste of the peaceable reign of God on earth. Such communities provide a shining witness that the hope of the gospel is not wishful idealism. Conditions in creation can become better, more harmonious, and peaceful when we give tangible expression to the vision of Christ.”.

The program was outstanding, the speakers were inspiring, the audience was engaged and motivated. There was even a wonderful live performance of the Cotton Patch Gospel musical. In fact, you can visit this link and read or listen to the keynote speeches and judge for yourself:

Some of the sights are also recorded in the photos shown at this link:

As we approach the environmental, economic and political challenges of the 21st century, what could be more important than finding ways to live together in a global community of peace and justice?

Koinonia was recognized as an outstanding Signal Community and the winner of the 2008 Community of Christ International Peace Award. The award ceremony could not have gone better. There was a large crowd in the auditorium and the Koinonia introductions were very warm and insightful. Norris Harris (Koinonia’s Chaplain) and Bren Dubay (Director) gave truly inspired speeches detailing Koinonia’s history, current directions and future plans. Then there was the amazing musical performance, a day full of incredible workshops and a Spirit-filled final worship.

So - Why the struggle?

How can I hope for World Peace when my 15-year-old daughter won’t even speak to me?

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