Saturday, April 28, 2012

Conservatives, NDP statistically tied in new poll - and Canadian's discover Harper's shadow

 Following politics in Canada is an interesting hobby. Unlike the USA where political polariaztion along ideological lines is almost a bloodsport, Canada has had the reputation of being a more polite and gentle nation. Unfortunately, things have changed over the past few years, since Stephen Harper has brought Republican tactics and NeoCon ideology to the Canadian political scene.

  Since the 2011 election, where Harper succeeded in winning a slim majority of seats through a skillful combination of organized voter suppression and Republican wedge politics, Stephen has worked relentlessly to shape Canada into his own image. From undermining First Nations and weakening environmental protection to legislative attacks on union rights and re-sphaping the justice system, he has managed to frustrate and alienate large sectors of the Canadian public. Through all of this, while his Conservative party has dropped in the polls, surprizingly his personal support remained almost unchanged - at least until recently.

Perhaps it is the F35 scandal, the voter suppression scandal,  ongoing attacks on First Nations and environmentalists over piplelines and tankers or growing dissention in his own ranks over issues like abortion. Whatever the cause - or causes- it seems that Harper's public popularity is finally taking a big hit. Recently voted the least trustworthy Canadian by a Reader's Digest poll, the latest Nanos poll also suggests that the Stephen Harper's honeymoon with the Canadian public may finally be over.

Conservatives, NDP statistically tied in new poll - Politics - CBC News

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