Thursday, April 19, 2012

Money shapes our media -media shapes our reality- our reality shapes our politics

For the vast majortity of North Americans, media shapes of reality. And when it comes of media - it is shaped by the big money that flows from multinational corporations - especially from oil and gas companies.

This problem can be clearly seen in terms of the massive sums of money that the Fossil Fuel industry is willing to spend on everything from denying climate science to shaping national energy policy and buying elections. In BC, you might wonder why the Provincial Liberals are backing the idea of Supertankers in our Coastal waters - especially in view of the fact that the tankers will threaten tens of thousands of jobs in the fisheries and tourism sectors while offering only a few hundred jobs in return. Alberta gets all the reward and BC takes all the risk - what government would support that?

The answer become more clear when you learn that the Enbridge groups have contributed a total of $156,940 ($91,840 under the name of Enbridge and $65,100 under the name of Northern Gateway) and Kinder Morgan has contributed $16388 to the Liberal campaign coffers. In total, pipeline companies contributed more than $334,000 to the Liberals. On the other side of the political aisle, the NDP received less than $1,000.

So who really owns our politicians and by extension, our political process? In the USA, Oil companies are outspending Obama by a factor of 10:1 in pushing their agenda to maintain our total reliance on obsolete energy systems.

In this way, Money - an imaginary concept which has no objective reality in the physical world- takes total control of our conceptual world in a way that unleashes unlimited destruction on the natural world that gives us Life. It's a delusion that fosters a slow-motion suicide.

With odds like this, how can we move to a more sustainable future?

Charts: Dirty Energy's Election Ad Spending Spree | Mother Jones

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