Thursday, April 16, 2009

Home at last!

Well, it was quite an adventure. Fourteen days, almost 10,000 km round trip, 1 Lakota pow-wow in South Dakota, 2 wonderful days in Independence Missouri, 3 stations of the cross with Bhuddist monks and Hispanic immigrants on a pilgrimage walk in Atlanta, 4 incredibly intense days (some only part days) at Koinonia and an incredible 3 day return trip through 12 states pulling a 38 foot trailer. Dropped the trailer at a dealer in Langley yesterday morning, picked up some Koinonia-connected friends in Vancouver who will be staying at our place caught the 1:00 ferry and was back home by 4:00. From Wednesday April 1 to Wednesday April 15. Back in time to celebrate Kailee's 18th birthday at OUR ecovillage.

It is good to be home.

The trailer is in Canada for warranty repairs and hopefully a fast consignment sale.

There is lots to write about - from the incredible blossoming of perma-culture farming at Koinonia to economic devastation in the SE USA. It will take some time to think, process and then write.

For now, it is just good to be home.

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