Friday, April 3, 2009

Montana is one BIG state!

It's not Ontario, but Montana does seem to go on forever!

Left Spokane this morning. Hit the first blizzard going through Northern Idaho near Coeur d'Ilene. Second snowstorm was the mountain pass going into Butte and the third was in the mountains coming into Billings. Amazingly, the weather was good going through the mountains in the Powder River basin. It was pretty late at night though.

Couldn't decide what time to stop for the day and decided to press on past the turn off at the Little Big Horn battlefield. Who would have imagined how long and empty that stretch of road is between the interstate and South Dakota? Finally had to stop about 1 hour West of Rapid City.

Started in Washington, clipped Idaho, covered Montana and a corner of Wyoming. Tomorrow will be South Dakota - staying overnight with Lakota friends in Vermilion.

PS. Just learned from Google Maps that the GPS took me on a rather scenic back-road to get to Belle Fourche SD. Could have stayed on the interstate and gone through Sheridan as I originally thought. Google says it is farther, but ends up being 20 mins faster if you stay on the interstate.

Must check that GPS!

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