Saturday, April 4, 2009


Interesting Pow-wow in Vermillion today. Still not sure what to think about a Lakota pow-wow grand entrance led by people dressed in combat uniforms and carrying the American flag. I don't think that people carrying that same flag (with a few less stars perhaps) and dressed in blue coats would have been very popular at a Lakota pow-wow 100 years ago. I have to think a lot more about the whole pow-wow experience before I can even decide what I think about it.

Overall though, it was good to visit with my friends in Vermillion. Lots of good drumming and dancing too.

A snow storm was forecast for South Dakota today. It covered the Western side of the state by this morning and prevented several pow-wow participants from coming to the event. Fortunately the storm avoided Vermillion until the 5:00 dinner break. Then as if on cue, the wind changed from East to North, temperatures dropped about 10 degrees and it started to seriously snow.

I decided it would be a good idea to continue my trip in a Southerly direction!

It's about 6 hours from Vermillion to Independence Missouri. For most of the drive I kept crossing weather fronts with major temperature changes and storms. Fortunately, while there was lots of lightning and rain, the temperatures stayed above freezing and the weather finally cleared at the Missouri border.

Independence is a suburb of Kansas City and lies at the far mid-West corner of the state. When I was a kid, many of the old-timers at church would talk about how we would all go to Missouri some day. Maybe would even have to go by hand-cart. This vivid image made a strong impression on me - and up to this day, Independence Missouri has a special place in my heart. It's good to be here, and I'm glad I had the luxury of driving. At least this time.

Community of Christ prophet/president Steven Veazey is giving a major address to the church tomorrow that will be broadcast on the internet from the Independence Temple. Looks like I can attend.

If you would like to check it out - it's at 6 PM MDT. The link is

If the camera pans by, I'll be sure to wave.

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