Thursday, April 2, 2009

Road trip to Georgia

OK - this is a bit out of step with the rest of the blog stuff, but I'm now on a solo road trip to Georgia to recover our trailer. While trailer dealers are folding in the Southern US and trailer sales have collapsed in Alberta, it seems like the West Coast dealers are doing record business. A dealer in Langley has offered to do the warranty repairs and sell the trailer for us.

So - I'm off to Koinonia to get the trailer. Hope to keep the blog updated on the way.

If all goes well, I will stop in South Dakota to participate in a sweat lodge ceremony with Lakota friends and attend a pow-wow on Saturday. Sunday I'll be in Independence Missouri to hear Community of Christ President Steve Veazey address the church. Monday or Tuesday I hope to be at Koinonia to visit friends, see the progress on the permaculture side of their farm - and get the trailer.

So far, all isn't going well. I was late for the ferry, hit a major traffic jam in Seattle, experienced a blizzard in the Cascade mountains and another snow storm before I got to Spokane Washington. In between the snow storms, I drove through endless miles of flat desert with sage brush vegetation and a few volcanic outcrops. Never expected that kind of scenery in Washington.

Anyways, must get going if I'm going to make Rapid City tonight.

Forecast is for more snow!

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